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    13 November – 25 December 2018
    Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

    Starting from mid-November, Tokyo Midtown will be lit up for the Christmas season.

    The highlight, as always, is the “Starlight Garden”, a must-see of winter lights in the Japanese capital.  Every year, an illuminated spectacle featuring the universe and the stars is presented in Midtown Garden’s lawn area, attracting many to stare in awe.

    For this year a special version, giving a floating feeling with innumerable soap bubbles, will appear for a limited period.

    The other parts of Midtown Garden will also be elegantly lit up. Inside the building will be decorated with Christmas ornaments.

    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018
    Santa-Claus Tree decorated with 1,800 mini Santa Claus ornaments

    Midtown Christmas 2018 – Editor’s picks

    ◆ Starlight Garden 2018

    The “Starlight Garden” is a fantastic show of illumination featuring the universe and the stars. Every year a great many people visit to see this spectacle of blueish lights that sparkle in an open space of about 2,000 square meters.

    For this season, some 190,000 LEDs and for the first time, some 100 colourful, shiny balloons will be set up for the show, depicting the life of the stars from their birth through explosion into stardust.

    【dates】 13 November – 25 December
    【hours】 5 – 11 pm
    【place】 the lawn area of Midtown Garden

    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018

    Special version with soap bubbles
    (*13 November – 16 December) 

    In the special version, a total of some 450,000 soap bubbles a day will soar in the sky to accompany the illuminated spectacle, representing the universe even more dynamically.

    This will certainly provide Instagrammable scenes!

    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018
    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018

    ◆ Lighting of Midtown Garden

    Great for an evening stroll, Midtown Garden will be illuminated elegantly with some 500,000 LEDs under the themes of “Tree Illumination”, “Champagne Illumination” and “Star-light Road”.

    【dates】 13 November – 25 December
    【hours】 5 – 11 pm
    【place】Midtown Garden

    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018

    ◆ Christmas Market

    A variety of Christmas articles will be on sale.

    【dates】 13 November – 17 December
    【hours】 11 am – 9 pm
    【place】 Galleria (on the basement)

    東京ミッドタウン クリスマス 2018

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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