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Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2019


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  • The 18th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

    24 -30 January 2019
    Tokyo Dome

    Updated on 19 Jan

    The Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival is one of the world’s largest quilt shows, bringing together quilters and quilt lovers from Japan and around the world.

    For the 18th time this season, the Festival will be as exciting as ever, hosting a number of special events to highlight the art of quilting. They include an exhibition of quilts inspired by Impressionist paintings and a presentation of wonderful folk costumes from Arles, southern France, collected by Magali Pascal.

    And of course, the Festival will showcase the works of winners of the Japan Quilt Grand Prix, which is the largest quilt competition held in the country.

    Highlights of Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2019

    *programme titles below are given for the convenience of readers only; not official translations

    ◆ Love for Impressionism: an encounter between quilt and art

    This special exhibition will feature a series of works by four leading Japanese quilt artists – Reiko Washizawa, Kathy Nakajima, Yoko Ueda and Akane Sakamoto – created with inspiration from Impressionist paintings of such artists as Monet and Renoir.

    Left) Claude Monet “The Garden of Giverny”
    Right) Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Portrait of Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d’Anvers” (Little Irene)

    ◆Magic of traditional costumes of Arles, southern France

    Arles located in the south of France has kept a unique tradition of costumes and embroidery for centuries. The special exhibition will display, for the first time in Japan, precious antique costumes of Arles collected by the researcher Magali Pascal. Her daughter, Odile Pascal, who is the former “Queen of Arles”, will give a talk, clad in the beautiful traditional garb of Arles.


    ◆ Picture-book quilts “Friends of NHK E Television”

    Celebrating the 60th anniversary in 2019 of E Television or the educational channel of NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting company, quilted works by 20 artists featuring the channel’s most familiar characters will be exhibited, full of nostalgia.

    Left) Ganko-chan by Shinobu Katano
    Center) Gonta-kun
    Right) Nikoniko, Bun

    ◆ International guest quilters

    Three leading international quilters will visit the Festival for special events.

    (From left to right) Di Ford of Australia, Cécile Franconie of France and Tone Finnanger of Norway

    *The visit of Ms. Di Ford has been cancelled due to her illness, but her works will be exhibited.

    ◆ Stage shows

    25 Jan (Fri) – Piano & Talk Show by Yukie Nishimura
    26 Jan (Sat) & 27 Jan (Sun) – Hawaiian & Tahitian Dance Show by Kathy Nakajima

    ◆ Japan Quilt Grand Prix

    Every year the Quilt Grand Prix takes place with the participation of Japanese and international quilters, professionals and amateurs alike. The 2019 winners will be announced at the festival, where their quilts totaling some 290 pieces will be exhibited, according to seven categories including the newly established “Youth” division this year.

    ◆ Partnership quilts and Yoko Saito’s “House”

    The theme of the partnership quilts 2019 is “house”, one of the beloved quilting motifs. For this charity event, a series of works quilted on the theme of “house”, supervised by Yoko Saito, will be on display for sale.

    Partnership quilts

    ◆ Japan’s largest quilt market

    Stock up your favourite quilting tools, fabrics and items here at this largest quilt market in Japan, which gathers a total of some 200 specialty shops.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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