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  • TIF 20th anniversary
    “Aquarium of Light” and “A New Voyage” (photographic exhibition)*

    Photo exhibition: 8 – 26 December 2017
    Aquarium of Light: 19 – 26 December 2017

    Tokyo International Forum

    *The titles are not official translation.

    A large streamlined building covered with glass panes stands out just beside JR Yurakucho Station in Marunouchi, Tokyo. This impressive architecture looking like a boat was designed by Rafael Viñoly, a Uruguayan architect based in New York. It houses the Tokyo International Forum, a worldly renowned convention and art center, which celebrates the 20th anniversary this year.

    TIF 20th anniversary exhibitions “Aquarium of Light” and “A New Voyage”
    Tokyo International Forum

    In December, the Forum will organize a two-part event as a milestone in its history. In the “Aquarium of Light”, 6-meter dolphins will swim in the 60-meter atrium. In the photographic exhibition “A New Voyage”, the Forum’s past, present and future will be presented through a mosaic of photos, which will be created in collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto, a famous manga artist.

    ◆ Aquarium of Light

    The boat-shaped glass-covered building will transform into a large “aquarium” of light. Six-meter dolphins will swim in the 60-meter atrium, thanks to a special effect, used for the first time in Japan, to make a balloon look like a living thing. With sound and light, it will feel like deep in the sea.

    TIF 20th anniversary exhibitions “Aquarium of Light” and “A New Voyage”
    “Aquarium of Light” image photo

    ◆ Photo Exhibition “A New Voyage”

    The “past and present” section traces the Forum’s history with some 100 photos, from the time when the site was used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to today with “La Folle Journée au Japon”, one of the most popular classical music festivals organized by the Forum. The “future” section displays photos of some 2,000 visitors in a mosaic, 3 meters high and 10 meters wide. This will be shaped according to Leiji Matsumoto’s original drawing “The Future of Tokyo”. The mosaic will represent “A New Voyage” (to the ocean, in the metaphor of a boat…) of the Tokyo International Forum.

    TIF 20th anniversary exhibitions “Aquarium of Light” and “A New Voyage”
    Leiji Matsumoto and Maetel (© Leiji Matusmoto)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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