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  • Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden

    9 November 2017 – 18 February 2018
    Tokyo Dome City

    Every year, winter lights illuminate Tokyo Dome City, fascinating many visitors with twinkling stars and ornaments. Under this year’s theme “sweets”, the city’s popular attraction complex will be decorated with a delightful collection of shiny candies, blinking biscuits, chocolates and gingerbread houses. Admission free.

    Editor’s picks*

    ◆ LaQua Area

    Shining Gingerbread House
    Or rather a “Waffle” house, decorated with biscuits, macaroons, chocolate and candies. Inside, artistic pieces of confectionary decoration created by patissiers are on display.

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    Milky Way
    A 140-meter corridor of multi-coloured lights.

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    Galaxy Dome
    An illuminated dome with a height of 10 meters and a diameter of 12 meters.

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    ◆ Crystal Avenue

    Sparkling Candy Garden
    A variety of candies float and shine on the surface of the water under a canopy of pink lights.

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    ◆ Meetsport Area

    Enchanted Ice Cream
    Take a picture of you topping on a delicious ice cream!

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    ◆ Attractions Area

    Dreaming Candy Tree
    A Christmas tree of 7 meters in height, decorated with ornaments of sweets. At the Viking zone.

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」

    ◆ Sweet treats

    To complete the tour of winter lights, how about tasting thematic menus, such as cakes, parfaits and cocktails at the participating shops?

    東京ドームシティ 冬のイルミ「ときめくスイーツ」
    A menu example

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