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Autumn leaves in Tokyo

Since old times, autumn leaves have always been as much honoured as cherry blossoms in this archipelago. The tradition, or something in the blood, perhaps, makes people appreciate the coming of every season by engaging all five senses, thanking nature, feel it and express it with an acute aesthetic sense. Lifestyle changes, but it is always possible to celebrate the four seasons. If you are in and around Tokyo or coming to the metropolis, here is our choice of best sites to enjoy autumn foliage this year.

  • Rikugien Garden
Lighting up of autumn leaves at Rikugien
19 November – 6 December 2015
Located in a quiet residential area of Komagome, Rikugien is one of the most important “daimyo gardens” dating from the Edo Period. During the annual lighting-up event, the opening hours are extended until 9pm. The autumn leaves in flamboyant colours sparkle in reflection on the water surface like a sweet dream.

  • Mount Takao
Mount Takao Autumn Leaves Festival
1 – 30 November 2015
Easily accessible by train from central Tokyo, Mount Takao has seven trails for a great hike to enjoy nature and is served by a funicular line and chairlifts. During the autumn leaves festival, several activities will be organized on weekends and public holidays, including the sale of sake in masu (rectangular cup made of wood).


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