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Things to do and celebrate New Year 2018 in Tokyo


Editor’s picks for things to celebrate NYE and New Year 2018 in Tokyo

1. New Year’s Eve and the first sunrise

(31 Dec 2017) Slip into the world of Japanese folklore and ukiyo-e.

Fox procession in Oji 2017-2018 (Oji Kitsune-no-gyoretsu)

(31 Dec – 1 Jan) Celebrate New Year at this historical attraction park full of retro charm.

Countdown 2018 at the illuminated Hanayashiki

(31 Dec – 1 Jan) Countdown with Dia-chan and the first sun rise at Kasai Rinkai Park near Tokyo Disneyland.

amuzen “Countdown 2018 at Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel”

2. New Year celebrations in Japanese Gardens

(2-3 Jan 2018) Visit the splendid Japanese garden for New Year’s flight of the falcon and “zõni” soup

amuzen “New Year 2018 at Hama-rikyu Garden”

© Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

(2 - 3 Jan 2018) Celebrate New Year with traditional festive music and games, and perhaps a matcha-tea set.

amuzen “Celebration of New Year 2018 at Rikugi-en Garden”

© Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

(2-3 Jan 2018) Watch the dance of the lion and traditional juggling performances in this beautiful garden.

2018 New Year celebration at Koishikawa Korakuen (amuzen article)

© Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

(2-3 Jan 2018) Visit the teahouse-style building and play games at the garden located in a trendy area.

amuzen “New Year celebration 2018 at Kiyosumi Garden”

© Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

3. Things to do on New Year’s holidays in Tokyo: art, sports and heavenly bodies

(until 28 Jan 2018; closed on 1 Jan) An excellent exhibition featuring the impacts of Hokusai on the Western art.

“Hokusai and Japonisme” exhibition (amuzen article)

(until 14 Apr 2018) Meet the manga heroin and her compatriots at the space-themed museum.

amuzen “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon × TeNQ Exhibition”

(until 1 Apr 2018) A delightful exhibition of the Argentina-born artist’s work evoking the interplay between reality and illusion.

amuzen “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” (Mori Art Museum)

(from 5 Jan 2018) Glide and have fun at this popular outdoor skating rink in Roppongi!

amuzen “Ice skating at Tokyo Midtown 2018 (Mitsui Fudosan Ice Rink for TOKYO 2020)”

(2 Jan; 22-28 Jan 2018) Watch two amazing celestial shows from 251 meters above sea level.

amuzen “Super Moon & Diamond Fuji at SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory”


(on-going) Sight-seeing and star-gazing from a crescent moon at foot of Tokyo Skytree.

Planetarium TENKU: Travel to France by starlight (amuzen article)


(until 18 Feb 2018) Sweet dreams? Admission free.

Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden (amuzen article)