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“The Science Behind PIXAR” exhibit Tokyo 2019


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  • The Science Behind PIXAR

    13 April – 16 September 2019
    Tokyo City View – Roppongi Hills Observation Deck

    A popular exhibition “The Science Behind PIXAR” will be touring to a special venue high in the sky in Tokyo.

    PIXARのひみつ展 東京シティビュー
    The Science Behind Pixar was developed by the Museum of Science, Boston in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios.
    © 2018 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.


    Tokyo City View to host the show

    Roppongi Hills’ Tokyo City View is an observation deck situated on the 52nd floor, commanding a superb view of Tokyo’s cityscape down below. It has an open-air rooftop “Sky Deck” with a 360-degree view at 270 meters above sea level (admission fees to the rooftop extra).

    Tokyo City View is also an exhibition venue, located side by side with the Mori Art Center Gallery on the same floor. TCV regularly hosts temporary exhibitions covering a wide range of popular culture and art genres, including manga and animation films.

    “The Science Behind PIXAR” held at TCV can be a memorable experience full of excellent hands-on displays, coupled with a view of Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower and smart high-rises over the windows.

    PIXARのひみつ展 東京シティビュー
    © Disney/Pixar


    “The Science Behind PIXAR” exhibition

    The exhibition “The Science Behind PIXAR” was created by the Museum of Science, Boston, in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios.

    It is a popular show on tour, mobilizing already a total of 1.4 million visitors in North America, starting from Boston’s Museum of Science in 2015. Tokyo City View will be the first venue of the show in Asia.

    The timing will be perfect for those who are eagerly waiting to see the latest Pixar movie “Toy Story 4”, which will hit the screen in Japan on 12 July 2019.

    PIXARのひみつ展 東京シティビュー
    PIXARのひみつ展 東京シティビュー
    The show at the Museum of Science in Boston


    Highlights of “The Science Behind PIXAR”

    The exhibition is an edutainmaint that allows visitors to learn interactively about the science and technique behind the magic of PIXAR’s movie production.

    By playing face to face with familiar characters from “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo” and other classics, trace and experience the key steps of Pixar’s filmmaking process: the Story & Art, Modeling, Rigging, Surfaces, Sets & Cameras, Animation, Simulation, Lighting, and Rendering for Pixar’s films.

    PIXARのひみつ展 東京シティビュー
    © Disney/Pixar

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