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  • Festival of autumn foliage 2016

    1 – 30 November 2016
    Mount Takao


    Easily accessible from Tokyo, Mount Takao (600 meters above the sea level), is a pleasant place for hiking and a breath of fresh air. It is covered with a rich variety of vegetation including very old beeches, giving shelter to many birds and small animals. On its hillside close to the hill-top stand attractive buildings of Takao Yakuo-in Temple (established in 744), a popular Buddhist sanctuary and a Mecca of Shugen-do.

    There are several trails for a hike, one passing by a waterfall and one through a suspended bridge. The paths are sparsely dotted with cafes and soba noodle restaurants. For an easy option, the hill is also served by a funicular (cable car) and chairlifts.

    In autumn Mount Takao shines in shades of deep burgundy, pink, bronze, orange and yellow. Best spots for foliage? The strip along the funicular line, the hilltop, the surroundings of Yakuo-in temple and the Momiji-dai observation deck (with a view of Mt Fuji, if weather sides with you). Not scared of heights? Take chairlifts to have a picturesque view of coloured leaves down below.

    The best time to see the autumn leaves usually falls in mid-November through the end of the month. But as always, it depends on the amount of sunlight, humidity and temperature of the year.

    During the month of November, the Festival of Autumn Foliage will take place around the hill. On weekends and public holidays, you can have a masu (rectangular cup made of wood) of sake, see demonstration of kokeshi dall making (opposite Juichi-chome-Chaya Station of the funicular) or watch stage shows (Kiyotake Station).

    Festival of autumn foliage (amuzen article)

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