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  • Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God
    A world of Japanese cuisine through digital art and chefs’ dishes

    28 January – 21 May 2017
    Nihonbashi Kayabacho


    Passing through an alley of Nihonbashi, led by the good smell of dashi (soup stock), you will reach the entrance of a heavenly restaurant where the Food God’s “delicious meals” are served.

    Interactive and experiential, this art exhibition invites you to a mysterious world of “washoku” or Japanese cuisine, through the digital art realized by Moment Factory, Montreal-based creative company using projection mapping technology, and the experience of sampling exquisite Japanese taste.

    Exhibition “Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” (amuzen article)

    Uka, the fox and the divine messenger, will guide you through the world of gods and goddesses, which somewhat resembles the mythical universe as described in the Kojiki (the eighth-century Japanese chronicle). There, prodigiously talented chefs are preparing “delicious meals”.

    At the exhibition, every visitor is entitled to taste a piece of divineo-inari” (sushi rice wrapped in sweet-salty fried tofu, an all-time favourite food in Japan) made by Hisato Nakahigashi, the chef and owner of Miyamaso. If you like, sample other traditional dishes prepared by renowned chefs, such as miso soup, “dashimaki-tamago” (rolled-omelet made with dashi), inaniwa udon noodles and chikuzen-ni (sweet-salty dish of root vegetables and chicken). Yoshihiro Murata (Kikunoi) and Joël Robuchon participate as the guest chefs.

    Exhibition “Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” (amuzen article)

    The exhibition goes with the tune “Kachofugetsu” written and sung by the Japanese singer-songwriter Aimer, as the theme music. Sayuri Matsumura and Yumi Wakatsuki of the popular Japanese idol group “Nogizaka 46” provide the voice of Uka, the divine messenger fox.

    Simultaneous exhibition: “Super Ukiyo-e: the Secret of Edo” (admission extra) is held at the same venue.

    Exhibition “Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” (amuzen article)

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