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Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo


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  • Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo*
    超ふつうじゃない2020展 by 三井不動産

    23 July – 4 Aug 2019 - COREDO Muromachi Terrace
    8 – 25 August 2019 – Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

    *All English titles in this article are not official translation; they are given for our readers’ convenience only.

    Have you ever wondered how “extra-ordinary” the Olympic and Paralympic athletes are?

    Here comes a very entertaining, “super-extraordinary” sports show, for visitors to challenge and feel the Olimpians’ “extraordinariness” in “extraordinary” ways!

    This interactive expo will take place in Tokyo, the city that hosts the 2020 Summer Games.

    And it’s free!


    Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo

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