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Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo


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  • Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo*
    超ふつうじゃない2020展 by 三井不動産

    23 July – 4 Aug 2019 - COREDO Muromachi Terrace
    8 – 25 August 2019 – Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

    *All English titles in this article are not official translation; they are given for our readers’ convenience only.

    Have you ever wondered how “extra-ordinary” the Olympic and Paralympic athletes are?

    Here comes a very entertaining, “super-extraordinary” sports show, for visitors to challenge and feel the Olimpians’ “extraordinariness” in “extraordinary” ways!

    This interactive expo will take place in Tokyo, the city that hosts the 2020 Summer Games.

    And it’s free!


    Super-extraordinary 2020 Expo

    For this year, the show will take place at two places: Rooftop of “COREDO Muromachi Terrace” building and Hibiya Step Hiroba an open-space of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

    For an added measure of fun, the venues will be decorated with an athlete-shaped giant balloon and a track gate.



    Challenge Olympic-Paralympic Games’ records

    For the second edition, the exhibition will collect some 10 sports from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    Try them to feel how “super-extraordinary” the Olympic athletes are, for instance:

    • Excalibur’s back strength test (エクスカリバー背筋力測定)”, to lift the sword weighing more than 300 kg to feel athletes’ back strength
    • Volleyball vending machine (バレーボール自販機)”, to get a chilled Coca-Cola by pushing a button at 3.48 meters (11.4 feet) high. It is as high as volleyball players are able to jump!


    And new to this year:

    Spring of the long-jump” (ロングジャンプの泉)

    Water will be thrown 8.9 meters away, the Olympic record distance of the long-jump. Make a leap to go beyond it.




    Giant horn to test lung power” (ジャイアントホーン肺活量測定)

    The giant horn makes different sounds according to your lung power. Compare that with those of the top Olympic swimmers!




    Post climbing” (クライミングポスト)

    To feel extraordinary power of top rock climbers, try this rock climb of a big post, which stands 4 meters high. Post your card and get a souvenir. Separate rock climb routes for adults and kids.




    Anyone’s fencing” (だれでもフェンシング)

    Anyone, even YOU, can be an Olympic fencer at this selfie spot. And you will be an Instagram star!



* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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