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  • Sunshine City Aquarium
    Jellyfish aquariums



    Sunshine City Aquarium, located on top of the World Import Mart building, shows various kinds of water creatures to the delight of kids and adults.

    In 2011 the aquarium reopened after an elaborate facelift.

    Under the theme of “Oasis in the sky”, it has a renewed mission “to serve as a unique place of healing and relaxation for urbanites”.

    The highlights of the new aquarium include the penguins that look like swimming in the sky, thanks to the tank shaped like a water slide.

    Latest addition is an exhibition space of jellyfish opened on 9 July.

    What else can be more soothing for the overstressed urbanites than watching translucent jellyfish drifting in the water?

    Features of the jellyfish aquariums

    A variety of sea jellies in their surprising forms are highlighted with lights and sound with fantastic effects as though deep in the sea.

    Among the star attractions is the Jellyfish Panorama, a 14-meter wide, arc-shaped tank inhabited by a number of moon jellies.


    Another feature, the Jellyfish Screen, shows a kind of poisonous sea nettles, which can be as long as 5 meters.


    Other tanks of varied shapes allow visitors to see a number of medusa like a kaleidoscope, a magnifying glass and a tunnel.





    Jellyfish-shaped souvenirs at Sunshine Aquarium

    For a souvenir, stop in at the aquarium store to buy one of the jellyfish-themed gifts, from konnyaku jellies to wagashi tea sweets.


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