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  • The 9th Sumida Street Jazz Festival

    17-19 August 2018
    *17 Aug (Fri) at Sumida Triphony Hall in the evening
    Kinshi Park; around Kinshicho, Oshiage and Ryogoku

    Live music across town – at parks, commercial complexes, Shinto shrine, public bathhouse, around Tokyo Skytree and even on a bus –”Sumida Street Jazz Festival” is a fun, vibrant event to take place annually on a weekend in late August.

    For the ninth time this year, “Sumida Jazz” will coincide with the 30th anniversary of “the City of Music Declaration” (1988) made by Sumida City (Sumida-ku) in eastern Tokyo, where this free street jazz fair is to be held.

    Sumida jazz すみだジャズすみだジャズ sumida jazz

    Sumida Jazz 2018

    This year a total of some 450 music bands will contribute to the music celebration, playing live at about 45 special venues, both indoors and outdoors, throughout the city.

    The main stage will be erected at Kinshi Park.

    To this a variety of venues will be added, around the JR and subway Kinshicho Station, Oshiage Station and Ryogoku Station.

    They include: Tokyo Skytree’s Tokyo Solamachi (at the outdoor space on the 4th floor), nearby Oshiage Tenso Shrine, Oshinari-kun’s House, Daikoku-yu (a Japanese public bathhouse), concert halls, commercial complexes, restaurant and bars.

    Sumida jazz すみだジャズ

    Also, two “jazz buses” will run on live music played by jazz bands.

    Sumida jazz すみだジャズ

    Most of all, all performance will be free of charge at any venue.

    So why don’t you join the two-day summer party (plus the eve of the festival), an abundance of riches for music lovers?

    You may also get an official festival T-shirt (designed this year by Hiroyuki Nishiyama, an illustrator), the proceeds of which will go to cover the event’s cost.

    sumida jazz すみだジャズ
    Sumida jazz すみだジャズ

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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