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  • Hotaru no Yoru (the Night of Fireflies)

    14 – 18 June 2017
    Sumida Aquarium

    Sighting of the fireflies used to mark the beginning of summer in Japan. That was perhaps long time ago, when rivers in the country were crystal clean. But today, these fantastic creatures brighten a Tokyo aquarium in the early summer evenings.

    During the “Night of Fireflies” event at the Sumida Aquarium, the lights will be dimmed at 6 pm to allow visitors to watch fireflies flash on and off in unison.

    すみだ水族館 「ほたるの夜」(amuzen article)

    ◆ Heike botaru (Luciola lateralis)

    The Heike botaru (Luciola lateralis) used to be found in paddy fields of Japan. At “Sumida Stage” inside the aquarium, the Heike botaru raised at the “Hotarium” of Tobu Zoo (Saitama prefecture) are on display. Also, their eggs and grubs are shown in the framework of “Aqua Academy”.

    すみだ水族館 「ほたるの夜」(amuzen article)

    ◆ Fireflies’ poems revealed by LED lanterns

    Visit the mirror boxes installed here and there with a LED lantern (a free rental at the aquarium) in your hand. Each box reveals a message from the fireflies (in Japanese…) in the form of poems about their life.

    すみだ水族館 「ほたるの夜」(amuzen article)
    すみだ水族館 「ほたるの夜」(amuzen article)

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