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  • Suigian

    Opened on 20 March 2018

    Have you not had a chance to see Japanese traditional theaters, despite their appeal to you?

    Suigian, a new theater restaurant opened in March 2018, will entice you instantaneously into the beauty of traditional performing arts, with its chic and dazzling interior, completed with most intricate Japanese craft materials.

    Tasting exquisite sushi, Japanese tea, sweets or sake served there will complete a great feast for the eyes and the palate.


    A creation of the “aquarium artist” Hidetoshi Kimura

    Suigian is a new type of theater restaurant and lounge, which regularly hosts a variety of traditional performing arts.

    Suigian in Chinese characters (水戯庵) denotes a “house of aqua and play”, and for good reason. The venue is a creation of Hidetoshi Kimura, an artist well known for his Art Aquarium” series (read article).

    It was born out of the artist’s keen desire to bring forth a new way to meet the aged-old Japanese traditional arts, from theaters to craftworks. The result was this brand-new culture salon in Nihonbashi, a section of town close to JR Tokyo Station.


    Traditional entertainment in a refined art space

    At the center of the wooden hall elegantly crafted with artisanal materials is a wooden stage of about 5.4 square meters. The back stage wall, dating to the Edo period, is also wooden, painted with a pine tree apt for a Noh theatre.

    Traditional performing arts, from Noh and Kyogen theaters, to various kinds and schools of Japanese dance will be staged there every day.


    Culinary experience in an opulent Japanese ambiance

    According to time slots of visit, the restaurant will offer either sushi from Sushi-ei, a well-established sushi restaurant, green tea of Fukujuen and wagashi (traditional sweets) of Oimatsu and Kamesuehiro, or a selection of alcoholic drinks such as Japanese wine, sake and whisky. These will be served on tasteful, mostly vintage, tableware. Enjoy!


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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