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    3 February – 17 March 2017
    Tokyo Skytree (Floor 350)

    Tokyo Skytree gets transformed into an “outer space” discotheque. A disco, possibly located at the world’s highest altitude at 350 meters, with a panoramic screen surrounding the observation deck and a sound system (Skytree Round Theater®), a D.J. booth, a raised stage for dancing and disco balls. All set in the 80s and 90s ambiance.

    A groovy sound and light “Discotheque SKYTREE ROUND THEATER®” (realized by the creative company NAKED Inc.) is projected on the screen, to the tune of “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. Tokyo Skytree turns into a rocket that will launch you into the universe, to fly in space between planets that are … disco balls!

    SUPER SKYTREE® DISCO at Tokyo Skytree (amuzen article)

    Every Friday, a special D.J. night with leading tastemakers (including those in the 80s) will be organized, in partnership with AWA (flat-rate music distribution service), to please dance-pop aficionados.

    There is also a photo spot to take selfies on the dancing stage, with a beautiful Tokyo night view looking below.

    SUPER SKYTREE® DISCO at Tokyo Skytree (amuzen article)

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