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  • 18th Shinjuku Eisa Festival

    27 July 2019 (Sat)

    Shinjuku Eisa is a popular mid-summer event that is held annually at Shinjuku in the end of July. On a usually very hot weekend, the town of Shinjuku vibrates to the music and dance originated in Okinawa.

    新宿エイサーまつり 2019

    2019 Shinjuku Eisa Festival

    ◆Eisa originated in Okinawa

    Eisa has its roots in a tradition in Okinawa in south of Japan.

    During the festival of “Bon” (or “O-bon”) held in the seventh month of the lunisolar calendar, people welcome and receive the souls of ancestors to their home. On the last day their “guests” will be sent off to the other world, to the accompaniment of Eisa, a Buddhist dance practiced in the region.

    ◆2019 Shinjuku Eisa

    Held for the 18th edition this year, Shinjuku Eisa Festival will host a total of 23 teams* with some 1,080 performers from Okinawa, Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan (*a complete list on the Japanese website).

    They will showcase energetic dance performances on the street on the east and west side of Shinjuku Station.

    新宿エイサーまつり 2019

    Not to miss for foodies and music lovers, Okinawa Music Festival and Okinawa Fair selling local produce from the region will also take place during the festival.

    新宿エイサーまつり 2019

    2019 Shinjuku Eisa venues

    ◆ Day performance (1 – 4 pm)

    ・ D1 / Shinjuku Alta
    ・ D2 / Shinjuku Takano
    ・ D3 / BICQLO
    ・ D4 / Isetan Shinjuku Store
    ・ D5 / Marui Annex

    ◆ Night performance (5 – 7 pm)

    ・ N1 / Shinjuku Mitsui Building
    ・ N3 / Shinjuku Moa 4
    ・ N4 / Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Main Store
    ・ N5 / Odakyu Hulk

    ◆ Night performance (6 – 8 pm)

    ・ N2 / Futaba Street
    ・ N6 / Kabukicho Godzilla Road

    新宿エイサーまつり 2019

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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