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  • Shiba Daijingū Shrine

    Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Shiba Daijingū, said to have been established in 1005, is a popular site for Japanese-style weddings. It is located near Hamamatsu-cho Station, in the vicinity of Zojoji Temple. The main deities are Amaterasu-ōmikami and Toyouke-bime, same as those of the grand Ise Jingū Shrine in western Japan. Though small and now surrounded by modern buildings, the shrine has historically played an important role in the local life, not only as a place of worship but also as a cultural venue. In the pre-modern Japan, it was within the shrine precincts that sumo bouts and theatrical performances were allowed. A kabuki title “Me-gumi no kenka” (Affray of the Brigade ‘Me’) is based on an episode of a clash that occurred at the shrine between sumo wrestlers and members of the fire brigade “Me-gumi” in the Edo Period. The shrines is also known for its annual Dara-dara festival that is held for a long period of eleven days in September.

  • Place name Shiba Daijingū Shrine
    (in Japanese) 芝大神宮
    Website go to website (in Japanese)
    Phone 03-3431-4802
    Address 1-12-7 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Getting there
    • 2 min walk from Daimon Station (Toei Asakusa and Oedo Lines : Exit A6)

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