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FREESTYLE 2020 Satoshi Ohno Exhibition


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  • FREESTYLE 2020 Satoshi Ohno Exhibition

    9 September – 8 November 2020
    Tokyo City View (Roppongi Hills Observation Deck)


    *Article updated on 9 September 2020

    Some Japanese TV stars and pop idols successfully venture into the art world, and especially contemporary art world. That is the case for Shingo Katori, an ex-member of SMAP, and Noritake Kinashi, a comedian of the duo Tunnels.

    And here’s another big name: Satoshi Ohno, an “idol” and leader of Arashi, one of the most popular boy bands in Japan*.

    The coming exhibition at Tokyo City View will serve as a splendid showcase for the multi-talented star.

    *The five-member unit Arashi has announced it is ready to call it quits in the end of 2020.


    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展

    Satoshi Ohno at Tokyo City View’s entrance hall


    FREESTYLE 2020 Satoshi Ohno Exhibition

    For Satoshi Ohno, the show at Roppongi Hills will be the culmination of years of his art work.

    Held for the first time in about five years, the show will highlight a wide range of paintings and drawings that Satoshi Ohno created in the past and recent years, in parallel to his activities as a popular pop idol of Arashi.

    Starting with the 2008 “FREESTYLE” show, the artist held a series of exhibition, drawing a total of some 120,000 visitors. That includes the 2015 “FREESTYLE” exhibit in Shanghai, China, as well as “FREESTYLEⅡ” in Tokyo and Osaka.


    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展

    『FREESTYLE 2020』のために描き下ろした新作の大型細密画と大野智
    (Satoshi Ohno and his large-size works created for this show)


    FREESTYLE 2020: Satoshi Ohno’s works on view

    The head sculptures that was made into the first “FREESTYLE” show in 2008 and his painting used for the CD jacket of Arashi’s latest single “Kite” are among Satoshi Ohno’s works on view at Tokyo City View.

    His previous works on display include about 40 paintings, 130 works of figures and sculptures, some 10 photographs as well as studies.

    The latest works shown consist of some 20 pieces, such as his giant miniature drawing (2,273×1,620 mm) and his work for the “kite” jacket.

    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展

    《巨大細密画(FS2020 新作)》

    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展


    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展


    FREESTYLE 2020 大野智 作品展



    About Tokyo City View

    Tokyo City View, an observatory located at 250 meters above sea level, is also a well-known exhibition venue, constituting a part of the Mori Art Museum complex. TCV regularly hosts exhibitions featuring Japanese contemporary art, including manga and pop art.

    The Satoshi Ohno exhibition will be followed by a show dedicated to the “Promised Neverland”, a popular manga. Last year, the “Science Behind Pixar” show created by the Museum of Science, Boston, also took place here.

    FREESTYLE 2020 Satoshi Ohno Exhibition

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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