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  • Haru sakura, sakuya at Hyakudan kaidan
    Sakura art in a cultural heritage setting

    28 March – 21 April 2019
    Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

    As winter recedes and spring sets in, flowers bloom and activities pick up. Most of all, the anticipation of cherry blossoms gets almost palpable in Tokyo, as elsewhere in the country.

    Hotel Gajyoen Tokyo, located on the Meguro River famed for cherry blossoms, will host for the first time a special exhibition in the theme of sakura at its “Hyakudan kaidan” (literally “the stairway of one hundred steps”).

    Set in the gorgeous Japanese setting, the exhibition will gather beautiful art and craft works of various genres featuring cherry blossoms.

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段


    Highlights of this exhibition

    This first-time exhibition at Hyakudan-kaidan will showcase a variety of works on the theme of spring and cherry blossoms, including kabuki costumes, antique combs and hairpins (kanzashi), glass, ceramics, paper crafts, quilts and flower arrangement.

    They will adorn the rooms of this unique and stunningly beautiful gallery, which was an early Showa-era banquet venue tastefully decorated with Japanese paintings and art.

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段
    組み木絵アーティスト 中村道雄


    How to make the most of your visit

    ◆ Instagrammable exhibits

    Photography will be allowed for both the exhibits and the rooms during this exhibition (*the use of tripod and flash is prohibited).

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段

    ◆audio guide

    To know better about this unique cultural heritage setting, an audio guide in four languages (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese) is available for 500 yen (*note: the audio guide covers the venue but not the exhibit)

    ◆sakura teatime

    Take a break in the Room Soukyu, with a set of sakura beverage (hot water with a salted cherry blossom in a teacup, worth trying actually!) and a piece of Japanese tea sweet.

    【when】 During this exhibition
    【price】 ¥1,000 (*admission fee extra)

    文化財に花咲くさくらアート 百段階段
    The Room Soukyu

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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