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  • First Sunrise 2018 – New Year’s Day special opening

    1 January 2018
    Tokyo City View, Roppongi Hills

    Roppongi Hills’ Tokyo City View is one of the best spots to see the year’s first sunrise in Tokyo. TCV has an indoor observation deck on the 52nd floor and a rooftop “Sky Deck” located at 270 meters above sea level. Sky Deck is in fact the highest open-air observation deck in the Kanto region covering Tokyo, which commands a superb 360-degree view.

    Weather permitting, catch a glimpse of the first sunrise and snow-capped Mount Fuji, the sight of which on New Year’s Day is considered very auspicious.

    amuzen 「東京シティビュー 初日の出 2018」

    ◆ Indoor Observation Corridor also open

    For this special opening, both the rooftop Sky Deck and the comfortably heated Indoor Observation Corridor on the 52nd floor can be visited.

    ◆ Souvenirs featuring Mt. Fuji and the dog

    Nice items featuring Mt. Fuji and the dog (the zodiac symbol of the year 2018) will be sold at TCV’s souvenir shop on the 52nd floor.

    amuzen 「東京シティビュー 初日の出 2018」

    ◆ Advance registration

    Advance registration is required for the special visit. Apply on the dedicated webpage from 1 December (at noon) through 15 December 2017 (at 11:59 pm) JST. Only the winners chosen via a lottery system will be notified by e-mail.

    A tip to readers: you may need a Japanese friend to help you through the application page, which is available only in Japanese.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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