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  • Roppongi Hills Christmas 2018

    Early November – 25 December 2018
    Roppongi Hills

    Christmas is the most popular annual event at Roppongi Hills, attracting some 7 million people every year.

    This year as well, the compound will be lit up nicely, especially along the 400-meter stretch of Keyaki-zaka Street, and decorated warmly with Christmas trees and ornaments. The annual “Christmas Concert” will offer a gentle moment to spend with someone or even by yourself.

    The Hills is also a fun place for a winter shopping splurge with its “Christmas Market” and various boutiques, as well as restaurants and shops to offer most Instagrammable Christmas cakes.

    六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018

    Highlights of Roppongi Hills Christmas 2018

    ◆ Illumination of Keyaki-zaka Street

    Keyaki-zaka Street, lining Roppongi Hills and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, is one of Tokyo’s popular walks for viewing romantic winter lights. Zelkova trees (called “keyaki” in Japanese) along the 400-meter path will be decorated with 700,000 LED lights.

    【dates】 early November – 25 December
    【hours】 5 – 11 pm

    六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018

    ◆ 66 Plaza

    A Christmas tree of about 10 meters in height will appear at 66 Plaza (which is known for the giant spider sculpture “Maman”), gleaming with some 15,000 LEDs, ornaments sparkling like fairies and red winter flowers.

    【dates】 mid-November – 25 December
    【hours】 5 pm – midnight

    ◆ The West Walk

    A large Christmas tree, to be installed on the West Walk, is for “touching”. Made of knit material, the tree is like a piece of furniture – soft, fluffy and warm to the touch. Ornaments of various shapes using the same soft material will add a warm feel to the walk.

    【dates】 16 November – 25 December (t.b.c.)
    【place】 West Walk 2F

    ◆ Christmas Market 2018

    Christmas Market is a highlight and most popular of the Hill’s Christmas events. The venue replicates the famous German fair with lovingly decorated stalls full of Christmas items. There will also be shops to savour German specialties, such as glühwein (mulled wine) and sausages.

    【dates】 23 November – 25 December
    【hours】 11 am – 9 pm (*until 10 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, days before national holidays and 24 December;  from the evening on the first day)
    【place】 Large roof plaza

    六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018

    ◆ Christmas Concert

    The annual concert has rung in the Christmas season with gentle voices and harmony ever since the opening of Roppongi Hills in 2003. The choir offers a heartwarming moment with familiar and favourite songs.

    【dates】 22 – 24 December
    【place】 Roppongi Hills Arena

    六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018

    22 Dec (Sat) 2:30 pm ~ ANONA
    5 pm~ Tawoyame Orchesta
    7 pm~ Tawoyame Orchesta
    23 Dec (Sun) 2:30 pm~ Tokyo Vibe Band
    5 pm~ Tricolor with Friends
    7 pm~ Tricolor with Friends
    24 Dec (Mon) 2:30 pm~ Little Carol
    5 pm~ Gentle Forest 5 and others
    7 pm~ Gentle Forest 5 and others


    ◆ Christmas plants (“Mominoki Shop”)

    Christmas trees and the poinsettia will be on sale.

    【dates】 23 November – 25 – December (*to be closed in case of rain)
    【place】 1F, Hill Side

    六本木ヒルズのクリスマス 2018

    ◆ Wish-a-wish Christmas message

    Write a message to the future you or your special someone. Roppongi Hills will mail it on your behalf one year later for Christmas.* Pick up a special card and post it in a dedicated mailbox.

    *Conditions may apply.

    【dates】16 November – 25 December

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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