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  • Lighting up of autumn foliage

    19 November – 7 December 2016
    Rikugi-en Garden


    Rikugi-en, located in a quiet residential area of Komagome, is a “daimyo (feudal lord) garden” dating from the Edo period. It was created in the end of the 17th century by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa, a daimyo and advisor favoured by the fifth Tokugawa shogun Tsunayoshi. The landscape expresses the universe of the traditional Japanese poetry (“waka”), with its pond, hills and paths, plants and trees. Maintaining the vestige of the original garden, Rikugi-en is designated as a National Site of Special Scenic Beauty.

    In autumn, the garden is even more beautiful as the foliage change colours to shades of yellow, gold, orange and red. It is very pleasant to take a walk in the fresh air and have a bowl of matcha tea, while taking in the panoramic view of the garden. In the evening, the sight is a marvel. The lighting makes the leaves’ flamboyant colours sparkle in the reflection on the pond’s surface.

    During the annual lighting-up event, the opening hours will be extended until 9 pm. The gate of Somei, right opposite Komagome station, will be specially opened to facilitate public access.

    Lighting-up of autumn foliage 2016 at Rikugi-en Garden (amuzen article)

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