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The Aesthetics of the Ordinary


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  • ORBIS 30th anniversary exhibition
    The Aesthetics of the Ordinary

    17 November – 24 December 2017
    Pola Museum Annex

    Japanese life is punctuated by the “haré” and the “”, the extra-ordinary time and the ordinary time. The haré is festive, celebratory and sacred. The ké is a perpetual, non-happening, day-to-day life.

    The days of haré, such as traditional festivals and marriage, are “holidays”, which lighten up the monotonous days of ké. The haré also commands special attires, special meals, special language and behaviour, and special performing arts.

    If the word haré remains in usage today, the word ké is foregone.

    “The Aesthetics of the Ordinary” exhibition (amuzen article)

    The present exhibition will explore the aesthetics of the “ké” under the direction of Taku Sato, a renowned graphic designer. A total of 14 creators and artists in a variety of fields will participate in this project, including Kengo Kuma (architect) and Yoshiharu Doi (chef and food consultant).

    The icing on the cake is a participatory exhibit entitled “Minna no ké”, which invites the general public to contribute photo images of their own “ké”. This will result in a mosaic of images transforming every day during the exhibition.
    “The Aesthetics of the Ordinary” exhibition (amuzen article)
    © Yoshiharu Doi

    ◆ Participating artists (in the Japanese alphabetical order)

    Yukiko Ishimura Representative of “Kuruminoki”; space coordinator
    Shinichiro Ogata Designer; founder of “Simplicity”
    Ito Ogawa Writer
    Kengo Kuma Architect
    Kundo Koyama Broadcast writer; screenwriter
    Izumi Shiokawa Illustrator
    Fumie Shibata Product designer
    So-oku Sen The next grand tea master of the Mushanokoji-senke School of Tea
    Yoshiharu Doi Chef; food consultant
    Ikuko Harada Musician of “clammbon”
    Tomi Matsuda Representative of “gungendo”; designer
    Akira Minagawa Designer; founder of “minä perhonen”
    Karoku Yanagiya Rakugo artist
    Kaoru Yokoo Craft artist


    ◆ The “ké” of one’s own (“Minna no ké”)

    This participatory project invites anyone to contribute a photo that she or he thinks representative of her/his “ké”, under the three categories of “breakfast”, “place” and “kanji”. Photos can be uploaded to the dedicated website until the final day of exhibition.

    Intriguing to see what collective image of the “ordinary” will emerge!

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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