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  • Plum blossom festival (ume matsuri)

    8 February – 8 March 2019
    Yushima tenmangu (Yushima tenjin) Shrine

    Yushima tenman-gu, popularly called Yushima tenjin, is a Shinto sanctuary that enshrines Sugawara-no-Michizane (845-903, scholar, poet and politician) as the main deity known as the patron of academic endeavours. 

    Yushima tenjin Shrine has a nice plum garden, which attracts many visitors during the blossoming season early in the year.

    Ume matsuri” or Plum blossom festival will take place when some 300 Japanese plum trees burst into bloom in the garden.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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