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Washoku goes into postage stamps


Washoku goes into postage stamps

“Washoku”, Japanese traditional dietary culture, has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013. A variety of dishes, based on the traditional composition of washoku (a bowl of rice, one main dish with two side dishes, a soup and pickles) are presented as … a series of postage stamps! The dishes photographed are paper-clay miniatures created by Rika Hoshiyama, a stamp designer. Savour tasteful dishes of marron rice, miso soup, grilled ‘dried horse-mackerel’ and simmered pumpkins photographed on a round dining table. A sheet composed of 10 postage stamps of 82 yen (total 820 yen) is sold at post offices across Japan and Japan Post’s website Kitte Shop (the site is in Japanese) since the end of November 2015.

切手「和の食文化」(article by amuzen)

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