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AMBIENT: Lifestyle Items Designed by Naoto Fukasawa


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  • AMBIENT: Lifestyle Items Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

    8 July – 1 October 2017
    Panasonic Shiodome Museum

    Naoto Fukasawa (1956 – ) is one of Japan’s most influential, and worldly renowned, product designers. His design encompasses a wide range of products, from home appliances, stationeries and digital devices such as cellphones, to furniture. Fukasawa has designed and worked as a consultant for many overseas brands such as Alessi, Boffi, Magis, Belux and Vitra, as well as Japanese brands including Panasonic, Muji and Maruni Wood Industry. This is his first solo exhibition that takes place in Japan.

    ◆ The universe of Fukasawa’s design

    The products he designs are elegant, cute and smart, devoid of superfluous elements. Above all, they are practical and easy to use. In this exhibition, a total of some 110 most remarkable works created by Fukasawa will be displayed, such as products designed for MUJI, au (KDDI), B & B ITALIA and Panasonic.

    AMBIENT 深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展 (amuzen article)
    “Plus Minus Zero Humidifier” 2004

    AMBIENT 深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展 (amuzen article)
    “NOTO” LAMY 2008

    AMBIENT 深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展 (amuzen article)
    “ISSEY MIYAKE TWELVE NY0P001” Seiko Watch Corporation 2015
    Courtesy of Seiko Watch Corporation

    ◆ Ambient: one of Fukasawa’s key concepts

    Fukasawa has communicated his design philosophy, using terms such as “Without Thought”. He says products should be designed so that everyone can handle them easily and intuitively, without effort. He has also highlighted the importance of the relationship between the object and the environment, using the term “ambient”. Find out how his chairs, devices and articles are integrated into the ambiance of the exhibition hall, which gets transformed into a living space.

    AMBIENT 深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展 (amuzen article)
    “Hiroshima armchair” Maruni Wood Industry Inc. 2008
    Courtesy of Maruni Wood Industry Inc.

    AMBIENT 深澤直人がデザインする生活の周囲展 (amuzen article)
    “MODIFY SPHERE” Panasonic Corporation 2009
    Panasonic Shiodome Museum

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