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Izu Oshima Camellia Festival 2016

  • Izu Oshima Camellia Festival 2016

    31 January – 21 March 2016

    Izu Oshima is a volcanic island of mild climate, situated 100 km south of Tokyo (25 km southeast of Izu Peninsula). Every spring Camellia Festival is held for two month in February and March, when about 3 million tsubaki (Japanese camellia) flowers blossom. The festival is punctuated with traditional performances and camellia related events, such as flower exhibition and Camellia Queen Contest.

    Izu Oshima, just a105 minute boat’s ride away from Tokyo, is also a great place to relax in nature – with its seashore overlooking Mount Fuji, diving spots, magnificent landscape designated as Geopark, cycling and walking circuits, and natural hot springs. Take delight also in trying the island’s specialties, especially the renowned camellia oil.

    Last but not least, during the festival, a trip to the island will cost less: boat fares, accommodations or tour packages will be discounted, thanks to the subsidies provided by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. All the more reason to visit Izu Oshima, which is sometimes called “Japanese Hawaii”.

  • Place name Oshima-machi (Tsubaki Plaza at Oshima Park and other places)
    (in Japanese) 大島町(大島公園 椿プラザ、ほか)
    Website go to website  Izu-Oshima Camellia Festival (in Japanese)
    go to website  Izu-Oshima Tourism Association (in Japanese)
    Phone 03-5472-9999 Tokai Kisen Co. Ltd (for ship service and tours to Izu-Oshima)
    04992-2-2177 Izu-Oshima Tourism Association
    Dates 31 January – 21 March 2016
    Opening hours All day (hours depending on events)
    Price Free
    Address Oshima-machi, Tokyo
    Getting there
    • From Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal (near Takeshiba Station: Yurikamome Line; 8 min walk from Hamamatsu-cho Station: JR Lines; 11 min walk from Daimon Station: Toei Oedo Line): 105 minutes by high-speed passenger vessel with water jet propulsion systems, or an overnight boat trip by large passenger vessel (Tokai Kisen Co. Ltd.)
    • From Atami Passenger Ship Terminal (from Tokyo Station, 32 min by Shikansen Bullet Train Hikari, then Tokai Bus to Atami Port): 1 hour by high-speed passenger vessel with water jet propulsion systems (Tokai Kisen Co. Ltd.) 

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