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Oedo Hawaii Festival 2018


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  • Oedo Hawaii Festival 2018

    14 -16 July 2018
    Belle Salle Tokyo Nihonbashi

    The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants moving to Hawaii. That makes Oedo Hawaii Festival, an annual event to celebrate cultures of Hawaii and Japan, all the more relevant this year.

    The 2018 festival ambassador is KONISHIKI, an artist, TV personality and ex-sumo champion (ozeki), who is originally from Oahu, Hawaii, and now a Japanese citizen. Today he is a prominent figure who bridges the two cultures through entertainment.


    Food and souvenirs from Hawaii and Japan

    In the theme of food and souvenirs from the Hawaiian and Japanese archipelagos, the festival this year will gather some 100 items from 50 stores.

    For a taste of Japan, find sushi, wagyu (Japanese beef) and wagashi (traditional Japanese tea sweets) figuring among Japanese favourites.

    For a taste of Hawaii, expect classics such as loco moco, garlic shrimps and malasada doughnuts. But not only that. For traditional Hawaiian feast, grab some kalua pig (roasted pork – originally pit-roasted over hot stones), ahi poke (sliced and seasoned raw fish or the Hawaiian version of sashimi) and saimin noodle soup.

    For gift items with a Hawaiian theme, check tasty macadamia nut cakes from “Mahalo Select” brand. For Japanese souvenirs, see a new trend such as Tokachi Potato Chips made of potatoes from Tokachi in Hokkaido and coated with milk chocolate. A not-to-miss also is Yuki-ringo (“Snow Apple”), a sweet liquor made of sake and apples from Aomori Prefecture and second prize winner of the Japanese Souvenirs Grand Prix 2018.


    Siva Ola

    Siva Ola is the only professional team of Fire Knife Dance active in Japan. The dancers will stage a powerful and mesmerizing performance, twirling and spinning the flaming knives.

    Performance is scheduled twice for 14 July (Sat) at 11:30 am and 4:15 pm.


    Premium shows (concerts)

    The festival’s premium shows will feature Japanese entertainment, Hawaiian music and dance. On the programme, among others: rakugo or an age-old art of comic storytelling; wadaiko Japanese drums; and Manoa DNA, an award-winning band of a Japanese-Hawaiian family. The KONISHIKI Band will play on 16 July.

    Boo Takagi (14 July)

    Manoa DNA
    Manoa DNA (15 July)

    Programme (premium shows)

    14 July (Sat) Japanese concert Rakugo × Taiko drum
    15 July (Sun) Hawaiian concert Hula dance × Hawaiian music
    16 July (Mon) Japanese & Hawaiian concert Actress × KONISHIKI Band

    *16 July is a national holiday in Japan.

    Festival/concert tickets are available at Lawson Ticket/ Loppi with the L-code 31441.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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