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New Year 2021 at the Tokyo National Museum


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  • New Year’s Celebration

    2 – 31 January 2021
    The Tokyo National Museum



    The Tokyo National Museum will host the annual event to ring in the new year with art works and traditional performing arts.

    Advance reservation required for this year

    An online reservation is required for admission (see the official website for details).

    博物館に初もうで 2021 東京国立博物館



    Highlights of New Year’s Celebration 2021

    The national museum’s New Year’s celebration, held for the 18th time this time, will honour the “ox”, the zodiac animal for 2021.

    Among the displays chosen from the museum’s collection are precious works designated as “National treasures”. Art objects and sculptures with auspicious motifs suitable for New Year will also be in view.

    And of course, find a number of works featuring the ox or the cow at the national museum.

    博物館に初もうで 2021 東京国立博物館

    袱紗 淡紅繻子地騎牛笛吹童子図
    1月2日(土)~31日(日) 本館特別2室

    博物館に初もうで 2021 東京国立博物館

    1月2日(土)~31日(日) 本館特別2室

    博物館に初もうで 2021 東京国立博物館

    1月2日(土)~31日(日) 本館特別2室


    New Year events 2021

    To celebrate New Year, the museum’s main hall will be decorated with splendid ikebana floral works, from 2 to 11 January.

    In addition, on 2 and 3 January, Japanese traditional performing arts will be staged in the front yard of the Heiseikan, one of the museum’s main buildings (possibility of cancellation or alteration in case of rain). CANCELLED

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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