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Makoto Shinkai exhibition in Tokyo


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  • NACT 10th anniversary exhibition
    Makoto Shinkai: From “Voices of a Distant Star” to “Your Name”

    11 November – 18 December 2017
    National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT)

    Since 2016, Makoto Shinkai’s animated film “Your Name” has been a social phenomenon in Japan. The movie is the second greatest box-office hit in the animation category, only exceeded by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away”. Ardent fans are making pilgrimages to such places in Gifu prefecture, Nagano prefecture and Tokyo that are said to have served as the models in the film. Outside Japan, “Your Name” has been screened in more than eighty countries around the world.

    A still from “Your Name”  © 2016 YNFP

    ◆This exhibition

    The director-writer Makoto Shinkai made his debut with a short animated film “Voices of a Distant Star” in 2002. Since then, he has created animation movies telling stories of a young man and a young woman who communicate but do not connect easily, with stunningly beautiful images of urban and rural landscapes.

    The travelling exhibition (in Shizuoka, Nagano and now in Tokyo) sheds lights on Makoto Shinkai’s career and artistic universe, through valuable production materials such as storyboards, drawings, film stills and videos.

    A still from “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films
    A storyboard by Makoto Shinkai from “Voices of a Distant Star”  © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films

    In Tokyo, this will be the first ever opportunity for a Japanese national museum to host an exhibition featuring an active (and living) director of animation films. As such, the NACT exhibition is curated by a special team, with added materials.

    Whether or not you are already a Shinkai fan, this represents a rare chance to delve into the world of his animation – from his independent film “Voices of a Distant Star”, his first feature and award-winning “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”, passing through “5 Centimeters Per Second”, “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” and “The Garden of Words”, to his phenomenal “Your Name”.

    A still from “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” © Makoto Shinkai / CMMMY

    ◆ Shinkai’s works explored through keywords

    The recurrent themes of Shinkai films will be highlighted.

    A still from “The Garden of Words” © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films
    “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”  Modification of the layout by Ushio Tazawa, an animation director  © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films

    ◆ Shinkai Makoto and his time

    Shinkai’s works cannot be separated from the rapidly changing digital environment, such as the advent of personal computers and the Internet. See how that impacted on the use of digital technology in his animation.

    ◆Behind the production

    The images in Shinkai’s films feel like real, with beauty, freshness and depth. How are these images born? The process of his video production and digital work will be revealed.

    A still from “5 Centimeters Per Second” © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films
    “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” A concept board by Takumi Tanji, an art director © Makoto Shinkai / CMMMY

    ◆ Makoto Shinkai in the world

    Makoto Shinkai has made an international name for “Your Name”, which is one of top-grossing films in Asia and elsewhere. Have a glimpse of his impact overseas.

    ◆ Special events

    To name a few: 

    • A special photo spot where visitors may take selfies in the themes of Shinkai animation
    • Special advance tickets to see the exhibition and also one of his films to be screened at the museum
    • Special advance tickets that combine the exhibition and a light meal at the museum’s café, at the table where Taki and Okudera-senpai dated in “Your Name”

    “Your Name.” Modification of the layout by MasashiAndo, an animation director  © 2016 YNFP

    ◆ Gift to readers

    *amuzen will give to its readers five pairs of invitations to the exhibition via a lottery process.
    *The invitations shall be sent to the winners without an announcement on the website.

    Application deadline: 5 November 2017 (JST)
    Link to the application page: click here
    *Application was closed. Thank you!

    *The tickets will be sent to the winners directly, without an announcement on our website.

    A still from “Voices of a Distant Star” © Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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