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Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul


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  • NACT 10th anniversary exhibition
    Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul

    22 February – 22 May 2017
    The National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT)

    The only Japanese national selected among the Time 100 (“The 100 Most Influential People”, Time magazine) in 2016, Yayoi Kusama is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding and best known artists in the world. Her solo exhibitions held around the globe have been hugely successful, whether at Tate Modern (London), the Pompidou Centre (Paris) or at other venues in Central and South America, Asia and Northern Europe, all attracting enthusiastic crowds.

    The present exhibition, the largest ever held in Japan on Yayoi Kusama, will offer a comprehensive look at the artist and her work. Throughout her life, she has sought to express universal themes, such as the infinity of the universe, in a variety of media ranging from painting, collage, novels to “avant-garde” performances.

    My Eternal Soul”, the grand theme of the exhibition, represents a series of paintings that Kusama has undertaken since 2009. Colourful, abstract and representational motifs dance freely across the square canvases of mostly the same size. Some 130 works have been carefully selected from the series for the first-ever display in Japan.

    Of course, the exhibition as well showcases works emblazoned with her signature motifs of polka dots, mesh patterns and pumpkins. You will also find a “Mirror Room” using mirrors, the material Kusama uses to represent the world that repeats itself and multiplies infinitely. Finally, her installation works displayed in the outdoor “Polka Dot Garden” will complete this must-see exhibition held in early 2017.

    「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展(国立新美術館)amuzen article

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