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Gasho-an’s Matcha Kakigori Parfaits – MOSHI MOSHI BOX, Harajuku


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  • Gasho-an’s Matcha Kakigori Parfaits

    (Harajuku Tourist Information Center)
    1 August – 30 September 2016


    Shaved ice desert “kakigori” is a cannot-miss summer treat. What is more pleasurable than tasting cold, flavoured kakigori in excessively hot, humid weather in Japan?

    For a limited period of time until the end of September, MOSHI-MOSHI BOX at Harajuku proposes an irresistible line-up of special ice deserts produced by Gasho-an, a tea salon and confectionery maker, using Japanese green-tea (run by Oyaizu, a tea manufacturer based in Shizuoka prefecture).

    Gasho-an’s matcha kakigori parfaits, named “wahyo”, are pleasing to the palate and the eye. A mound of original sweets sits on finely textured ice shavings: soft-serve ice cream and Baumkuchen (both deep, rich matcha flavoured), daifuku (sweetened mochi) stuffed with matcha whipped-cream, sweetened azuki paste and more. Simple shaved ice with toppings (matcha, strawberry or mango) and matcha latte are also available.

    So drop in Moshi-Moshi Box, a complex housing a tourist information center, a souvenir shop and an art gallery. A promoter of “kawaii” (pop and pretty) culture to foreign visitors, it now features selected Japanese items under the banner “Harajuku Nippon Shoten”. Gashoan’s tea-flavoured cold sweets make the first of the series.

    雅正庵の静岡抹茶かき氷パフェ 原宿ニッポン商店 第1弾 (amuzen article)
    Gasho-an’s Matcha Kakigori Parfaits - MOSHI MOSHI BOX, Harajuku (amuzen article)

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