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  • Moon viewing from the observation deck
    Moons on the 15th and the 13th Night

    1 and 29 October 2020
    Tokyo City View


    Autumn is the season to admire the round, golden moon.

    Tokyo City View, Roppongi Hills Observation Deck, will host o-tsukimi (moon-viewing) events at 270 meters above sea level.

    秋の夜空の観望会 中秋の名月・十三夜を愛でる会 ほか
    *A conceptual image


    Moons on the Fifteenth and the Thirteenth Night

    The moon on the fifteenth night of the eight month of the lunisolar calendar, once in use in Japan, is called the “Mid-Autumn Moon”.

    O-tsukimi on the Fifteenth Night is a yearly event to cherish the beauty of a bright, near-full (or full) moon. In many places in the country, it also came with rituals to thank the heavenly body for the year’s harvest.

    O-tsukimi also used to be practiced on the thirteenth night of the ninth month, when the moon is a near-full (or full) moon.

    In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Moon of the old calendar falls on 1 October, and the Thirteenth Night on 29 October of the Gregorian calendar


    Autumn moon viewing from Tokyo City View

    On these occasions, Tokyo City View will host events to see the moon and the autumn sky from Sky Deck, the rooftop of the 52-storied skyscraper.

    A stargazing event will also take place on 6 October, when the planet Mars will approach nearest to the earth.

    The participation in these parties will be for a lucky few, selected by prior application and lottery (see details on TCV’s official website).

    The good news is, it is possible to have a breath-taking view from the rooftop without participating in these events.

    Moon viewing at Roppongi Hills: the 15h and the 13th Night
    *A conceptual image

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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