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  • Katsushika Iris Festival

    1-20 June 2018
    Mizumoto Park


    Mizumoto Koen in eastern Tokyo, close to the border with Saitama and Chiba prefectures, is known for its beautiful water landscape.

    The only park of this kind in the capital, situated between two rivers of Naka-gawa and Edo-gawa, Mizumoto Koen is landscaped with a reservoir and waterways running through an area of some 96 hectares.

    The park provides an ideal habitat for aquatic plants, such as irises and water lilies. Completed with a bird sanctuary and a barbeque ground (reservation required), the place can be a nice weekend getaway.

    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    The largest iris garden in Tokyo

    Mizumoto Park boasts its splendid Iris Garden, the largest in Tokyo. In June about 20,000 irises of 100 varieties will come into bloom. The flowers in purple, deep blue, white and other shades will highlight the beauty of the landscape against the sky.

    From 1 to 20 June, the park hosts “Katsushika Iris Festival” (Katsushika Shobu Matsuri), which will also be held, simultaneously, at Horikiri Shobu-en (Horikiri Iris Garden), some 4 km away.

    *On weekends, direct bus services to Mizumoto Park will be run by Keisei Bus Company from Kanamachi Station on the JR Joban Line (local train). Kanamachi is the third stop from Kitasenju Station, directly connected from the subway Chiyoda Line (for Toride, Abiko or Tennodai).
    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

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