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  • Midtown Christmas 2016

    15 November – 25 December 2016
    Tokyo Midtown

    Every year during the Christmas season, Tokyo Midtown’s main attraction of lights “Starlight Garden” enchants crowds of visitors with its fantastic show of blue lights and music that represents the universe.

    Starlight Garden 2016 – Tokyo Midtown illumination (amuzen article)

    As usual, Starlight Garden 2016 takes place under the clear winter sky, in an open green space of 2,000 square meters, looking over the silhouette of Tokyo Tower in some distance. The spectacle is as dynamic and captivating as ever. With four searchlights projected from the “Vision Dome” into the sky, the 2016 edition illustrates a fantastic universe, beginning from the Big Bang, followed by a variety of cosmic phenomena. In addition, the attraction entitled “Shooting Star” is back after five years of absence, thanks to numerous requests received from the spectators.

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