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Matazo Kayama exhibition “Sparkle of Life”


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  • Matazo Kayama 90th anniversary exhibition
    Sparkle of Life

    22 February – 6 March 2017
    Nihonbashi Takashimaya


    Matazo Kayama (1927-2004) is counted among the major figures of contemporary Japanese-style painting. Grown up in a family of artists, he practiced painting since he was young. His grandfather was an artist of Japanese-style painting and his father was a designer of kimono (Nishijin-brocade). He studied arts at the Kyoto Municipal Arts and Crafts School (the present Kyoto City University of Arts) and the Tokyo Art School (now Tokyo University of the Arts).

    With an aesthetic sensibility of great delicacy, Matazo Kayama revived traditional designs and Japanese-style painting, striving to regain their relevance in modern times.

    生誕90年 加山又造展 生命の煌めき(amuzen article)
    ≪淡月≫ 1996年 紙本彩色 郷さくら美術館蔵

    The world of his art touches on a wide range of genres and techniques, such as dazzling decorative art of folding screens, sumi-e (ink painting), paintings on kimonos and jewelry designs. The artist also incorporated techniques of Western oil painting and Lascaux cave paintings into his rich and unique repertoire.

    生誕90年 加山又造展 生命の煌めき(amuzen article)
    ≪倣北宋水墨山水雪景≫ 1989年 絹本墨画 多摩美術大学美術館蔵

    In commemoration of his 90th birthday, the exhibition invites us to explore the sparkle of life that lights up the marvelous universe of Matazo Kayama’s Japanese-style painting, through some seventy works that he produced over the course of his life.

    生誕90年 加山又造展 生命の煌めき(amuzen article)
    ≪猫≫ 1980年頃  紙本着色 個人蔵

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