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Marunouchi Street Park 2020


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  • Marunouchi Street Park 2020

    27 July – 6 September 2020
    Marunouchi-nakadori Street


    Once a sober business district, Marunouchi has reinvented itself as an upscale commercial town through a series of redevelopment projects since the 1990s.

    Today Marunouchi-nakadori, the main street, is lined with new office buildings with high-end fashion boutiques. The street hosts a variety of events such as Marunouchi Illumination in winter.

    This summer, the street is open to the public as a park-like space, set up with some social distancing principles.

    Highlights of Marunouchi Street Park 2020

    For the second time this year, “Marunouchi Street Park” offers an open-air space divided into three sections. The outdoor space is meant for relaxation for urbanites and Tokyoites, who are actually stuck in town and deprived of holidays in countryside, due to a recent Covid-19 alert by the Tokyo Government.

    It also hosted a five-day experiment from 6 to 10 August, to measure the congestion and flow of people and to show on a real-time mapping.

    Marunouchi Street Park 2020

    Experiment image

    3 blocks of Marunouchi Street Park

    ◆Urban Terrace

    The section is made pedestrians-only to offer an open-air space for business and lunch with socially distanced tables.

    ◆Cozy Green Park

    The middle section is changed into a park with grasses and socially distanced benches.

    ◆Open-Air Office

    This block is made into an outdoor work place with parasols, free Wi-Fi and power supply units.

    Plus a fine mist of water keeps nomads (digital or otherwise) cool.


    Marunouchi Street Park 2020

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