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    3 – 17 August 2017
    Event venues in Marunouchi

    A popular sports-on-the-street event will be back for the new season in Maruouchi near Tokyo Station. Drop by to check your physical fitness and skills in a variety of sports, such as baseball, football, tennis, slack line, street rugby, basketball and bouldering. The event is free of charge!

    There will be live talks, demonstration and lessons led by guest athletes. Among them are Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, a football commentator, and Takahiko Kozuka, a figure skater. The popular comedian Jun’ichi Davidson will also host a talk show and challenge sports.

    During the festival, a gourmet fair entitled “Marunouchi Power Food” will take place at more than 90 participating restaurants in the neighbourhood. A good time to get rid of fatigue from Tokyo’s hot, humid weather by taking balanced, nutritious, tasty food.

    ◆ Marunouchi Five

    Challenge five kinds of sports and measure your skills. Also check your physical fitness.
    【Place】 Outside Marunouchi Building
    【Dates / hours】 3 – 17 August (11 am – 7:30 pm) *3 August: from 2 pm
    【Programme】 Maruouchi Five (baseball pitching, football shooting, bicycle speed challenge, golf swings and tennis serves) and physical fitness testing.


    ◆ Sports experience and demonstration

    Experience popular sports, with or without demonstration and coaching by guest athletes.
    【Place】 Marunouchi Naka-dori Street (Marunouchi / Yurakucho Area)
    【Dates / hours】 3 – 16 August (12 pm – ) *hours vary
    【Programme】 Slack line, street rugby, basketball, bouldering, soccer, fencing, trampoline, etc.
    *tickets (distributed in advance) needed for some of the events


    ◆ Otemachi Golf

    Try golf approach, shots and putters, with or without coaching provided by Azuma Yano and Rui Kitada, professional players.
    【Place】 Otemachi Naka-dori street
    【Dates / hours】 9 – 10 August (11:30 am – 7:30 pm)

    Rui Kitada (L) and Azuma Yano (R)

    ◆ Guest athletes’ stage

    Tsuyoshi Kitazawa (football commentator), Takahiko Kozuka (figure skater) and other Japanese athletes will host talk shows and challenge a variety of sports.
    【Place】 Talk show: Marunouchi Building (Maru-cube at 1st floor)
    Sports challenge: Marunouchi Naka-dori Street (Marunouchi / Yurakucho area), Otemachi Naka-dori Street
    【Dates】 3 – 15 August
    *Tickets (to be distributed in advance) will be required

    Tsuyoshi Kitazawa (L) and Takahiko Kozuka (R)

    ◆ Jun’ichi Davidson and athletes

    【Date】 13 August (Sun)
    【Programme】 Live talk show and sports challenge
    *Tickets (to be distributed in advance) will be required

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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