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  • Healing with Twinkle Stars through a Forest

    11 February – 29 October 2017
    Planetarium “Manten”


    Mount Fuji, onsen… Looking for a unique experience in Japan? Here is a great idea for nature lovers and romantics. Forest bathing in the middle of Tokyo, at a planetarium!

    Since its opening in 2015, Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” at Sunshine City has wowed many by not only its regular sound-and-light shows, but also special programmes called “Healing Planetarium”. The latter uses original soothing fragrance made of essential oils to go with the heavenly experience. Starting mid-February, a new programme entitled “Healing with Twinkle Stars through a Forest” will be projected with a special aroma.

    Forest bathing under the starry sky at Planetarium “Manten” (amuzen article)

    The sky is filled with gently shimmering constellations and the vital energy of plants and trees. Yakushima, that deep, spiritual forest of old majestic cedars and a World Heritage site, will also be presented during this latest show, narrated by the actor Hiroki Hasegawa with his gentle voice.

    Forest bathing under the starry sky at Planetarium “Manten” (amuzen article)
    Hiroki Hasegawa

    The aroma to be used for the show is a special mix of essential oils extracted from Yakushima Island’s cedar, cypress and “hiba” (Thujopsis) trees. The phytoncides, the fragrant chemicals that the trees emit to protect themselves against the enemies, are said to have healing and soothing properties.

    So travel through the forest and the starlit sky. Choose a two-seater comfy sofa, “Cloud Seat” or “Lawn Seat” for an extra relaxing experience.

    Forest bathing under the starry sky at Planetarium “Manten” (amuzen article)

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