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Winter 2016-2017: Tokyo’s best illuminations

Here are some of the best illuminations, sounds and lights in the capital


Lights and special night opening of the Neo-Baroque national treasure


Tokyo Midtown’s main attraction of lights - Starlight Garden

Starlight Garden 2016 – Tokyo Midtown illumination (amuzen article)

Image, Starlight Garden 2016

Keyakizaka Galaxy Illumination – fun, romantic and interactive

Roppongi Hills’ Christmas 2016 (amuzen article)

2) For a longer period into 2017

Lumi-yashiki - First-time in its 163-year history illumination “Sakura Romance”

Illuminated countdown to 2017 at Hanayashiki (amuzen article)

2017 edition under the theme “the Forest of Blue Spirit”

Caretta Illumination - Canyon d’Azur 2016-2017 (amuzen article)

image photo

Maruouchi area lit elegantly in golden shades of sparkling wine

Winter 2016-2017: Tokyo’s best illuminations (article by amuzen)

Marunouchi Illumination (image from the past)

Slip into the the world of fantasy

Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

Real & virtual skies at Tokyo City View on the 52nd floor

tcv starry sky main-visual