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Stay in touch: Japanese home cooking

  • Learn from home: Japanese home cooking

    The coronavirus pandemic is changing how we live our daily live and also how we (will not) travel. If you’re abroad, your next vacation in Japan may be far away.

    So here’s some online inspiration for staying in touch with the Japanese art and culture.

    The first of our series is “Japanese home cooking”. In a time of social distancing, learn how to prepare simple Japanese meals, online and for free.

    *Please note that this post is NOT a promotional feature.


    ◆Kikkoman HC Channel

    The famous soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman offers several cooking videos with English captions on its YouTube channel.

    Cooking popular Japanese home dishes is just made simple.

    Finish with a dash of soy sauce.

    Teriyaki Chicken

    Learn from home: Japanese home cooking


    ◆Kewpie Mayonnaise Magic

    Kewpie is Japan’s mayonnaise manufacturer, with a cupid-like baby figure as the brand mark. The company has sponsored a beloved 3 minutes’ cooking show on television since 1963.

    But here we picked up, instead, Kewpie’s own cooking videos (with Japanese subtitles) for mayo lovers.

    The idea behind their videos is to use mayo as a secret ingredient for Japanese home cooking.

    Crispy Tempura
    Learn from home: Japanese home cooking


    ◆Hattori Nutrition College

    The renowned school of culinary arts provides pro’s tips on how to cook like a professional chef, even you are a beginner.

    We picked up its videos on how to prepare fish filets and Japanese rice omelette “Ome-Rice”, a very popular and simple home meal.

    How to make mackerel fillets
    Learn from home: Japanese home cooking

    How to cook Japanese rice omelette (with Japanese subtitles)
    Learn from home: Japanese home cooking

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.


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