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  • Konica Minolta Planetaria TOKYO

    Grand opening on 19 December 2018
    Yurakucho Mullion

    A new planetarium and entertainment complex, Konica Minolta Planetaria TOKYO will soon be opened at Yurakucho Mullion, a well-known landmark and major commercial complex at Yurakucho, near Ginza.

    At the core of the brand-new facility will be twin domed auditoria, “Planetarium Dome Theater” and “Multipurpose Digital Dome Theater”. There will also be a virtual reality attraction, a space-themed café and a gift shop to open at the complex.

    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン
    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン

    Twin domes

    ◆ Multipurpose Digital Dome Theater (DOME 1)

    Dome 1 will show movies and images in super high resolution, on floor-to-ceiling screens of the entire surface of the hemisphere.

    In addition to the projection of a variety of visual works, the auditorium will host interactive shows, concerts with visual effects and live performances. .

    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン

    ◆ Planetarium Dome Theater (DOME 2)

    Dome 2 is mainly for planetarium programmes. The state-of-the-art projectors and stereophonic sound system “SOUND DOME®” installed there will realize sparkling star-lit skies with a you-are-there vividness.

    In celebration of the grand opening, a show produced in collaboration with the popular Japanese duo DREAMS COME TRUE, and another show created with music tunes specially composed by Joe Hisaishi, will be projected.

    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン

    VR Attraction

    VirtuaLink“, an already popular virtual-reality attraction at Diversity Tokyo, Odaiba, will be coming to the Yurakucho complex to please many visitors. Stories will be unfolded interactively with their moves.

    Café and gift shop

    Planetaria TOKYO’s café and gift shop are space-themed and produced by Konica Minolta Planetarium, the first such to be operated at its facility.

    ◆ Cafe Planetaria

    The café will serve sweets, finger foods and drinks designed with motifs of stars and galaxies, including an original cocktail of a shining nebula.

    Those may be brought to the Multipurpose Digital Dome Theater (DOME 1) for certain shows.

    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン
    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン


    The gift shop will offer star-shaped jewels and accessories, space-themed confectioneries and lifestyle items, specially designed or selected.

    コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO 有楽町マリオン

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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