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The KING&QUEEN exhibition – Ueno


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    from the National Portrait Gallery, London

    10 October 2020 – 11 January 2021
    Ueno Royal Museum



    The exhibition is entirely dedicated to works lent by the National Portrait Gallery, London.

    Roughly 90 portraits and photographs of British monarchs will provide a rich catalogue of history that spans five dynasties, from the sixteenth-century Tudor period through the present day.

    KING & QUEEN展 上野の森美術館

    King Henry VIII by Unidentified artist, after Hans Holbein the Younger, Probably 17th century (1536) ©National Portrait Gallery, London.

    KING & QUEEN展 上野の森美術館

    Anne Boleyn by Unknown English artist, late 16th century (ca. 1533-1536) ©National Portrait Gallery, London.

    KING & QUEEN展 上野の森美術館

    Queen Elizabeth I (‘The Armada Portrait’) by Unidentified artist (c.1588) ©National Portrait Gallery, London.

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