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Olives from Udon Prefecture: Kagawa Olive Festa 2016

  • Kagawa Olive Festa 2016

    JP Tower KITTE (1F Atrium)
    13 March 2016

    Kagawa Prefecture in the Shikoku region, western Japan, boasts of being the largest consumer of … udon noodles per family in the archipelago!! So much so that, for some time now, it has been called “Udon-ken” (the Udon Prefecture). This funny name (completely fictional, you understand!) has become very popular among the Japanese, thanks especially to a series of promotional videos featuring the prefecture’s deputy governor (also fictional, of course!) played by the actor Jun Kaname.

    In the latest episode, the prefecture has established a unit of samurai “Olive Shinsen-gumi”, led by the deputy governor of Udon-ken in person. Its mission? To promote the freshness of olives, another local specialty.

    Apart from new videos, and to make that fiction a little more real, (the real) Kagawa prefecture will organize, a special event to promote its olives in Tokyo. Taste and discover the famed olives and olive-based products from the region.

    Kagawa Olive Fest 2016 in Tokyo (article by amuzen)

  • Place name JP Tower KITTE (1F Atrium)
    (in Japanese) JPタワー KITTE(1Fイベントスペース)
    Website go to website  Olive Shinsen-gumi (in Japanese)
    go to website  KITTE
    Phone 087-832-3417 Kagawa Prefecture (Dept of Agricultural Administration and Fisheries)
    03-3216-2811 KITTE (Information Center)
    Dates 13 March 2016
    Opening hours 11 am – 6 pm
    Price free
    Address JP Tower KITTE
    2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Getting there
    • 1 min walk from Tokyo Station (JR Lines: Marunouchi Exit)
    • Direct access via underground passage from Tokyo Station (Tokyo Métro Marunouchi Line)
    • 2 min walk from Nijubashimae Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
    • 4 min walk from Otemachi Station (Toei Mita Line)

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