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JOY OF SAKE Tokyo 2016 – a toast to 408 sakes


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  • JOY OF SAKE Tokyo

    2 November 2016
    Gotanda TOC Building (Special Hall on the 13th floor)


    The JOY OF SAKE is one of the most important events outside Japan for celebrating the world’s finest sakes. For Japanese sake lovers, what is more delightful than tasting (in moderation…) 408 brands at a time! The pleasure will be doubled with gastronomy (international) and entertainment (mainly Hawaiian).

    The event honours the sakes that have participated in this year’s “U.S. National Sake Appraisal”, the annual competition held in July – August in Honolulu, Hawaii. The prize-winner sakes will be highlighted on the tasting table.

    To accompany the rich variety of rice wines, delicious appetizers will be proposed by 14 renowned restaurants of Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese cuisines. JOY OF SAKE Tokyo 2016 – a toast to 408 sakes (amuzen article)JOY OF SAKE Tokyo – la magie des grands sakés (article d’amuzen)JOY OF SAKE Tokyo 2016 – a toast to 408 sakes (amuzen article)

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