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    15 May – 26 September 2017 (a total of 10 sessions)
    Meiji Jingu Stadium

    The free yoga event organized by JINGU ACTIVE ICON is back to Jingu Stadium for a new season! The programme, started last year, attracted many yoga fans and fitness lovers to this special, spacious venue.


    This year, a variety of lessons, from Ashtanga and Vinyasa to Mindfulness yoga, will be led by ten outstanding yoga teachers, including Ken Harakuma, Yusuke Asano and Masaaki Nakajima.



    Programme schedule  (*)

    Date Instructor Lesson (*)
    15 May (Mon) Maiko Akutagawa Comfort yourself with yoga for the day. Get vitality for tomorrow.
    26 May (Fri) Arisa Takada Cleansing the mind and body
    12 June (Mon) Yusuke Asano Feel the nature under the urban night sky. Get connected through yoga.
    12 July (Wed) Yasuhiro Yato Refreshing yoga under the night sky
    20 July (Thurs) Nobue Suzuki Stress releasing yoga for living your life 100%
    28 July (Fri) Rion Maina Rereshing, smiling Fryday yoga
    7 Aug (Mon) Kayoko Isobe Connect breath, body & mind and release
    29 Aug (Tue) Ken Harakuma Ken Harakuma’s fun Ashtanga yoga
    6 Sept (Wed) ACO Feel opposite forces to enjoy basic Vinyasa flow: poses made easy
    26 Sept (Tue) Masaaki Nakajima


    Ultimate moving experience: mindfulness yoga to meet a real you

    * Descriptions are indicative only; NOT official translation.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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