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  • Hibiya Festival 2019

    26 April – 19 May 2019
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

    Last year the newly opened Tokyo Midtown Hibiya hosted “Hibiya Festival” for the first time to revive “culture and entertainment town” Hibiya, at the heart of Tokyo.

    Hibiya Festival represents a great opportunity to see a variety of stage shows in an accessible format – free, open-air performances of musicals, opera, dance and theater.

    The festival, which mobilized some 1.7 million people last year, will be back for the second edition this year with a fanfare, starting with a grand opening produced by world-famous director Amon Miyamoto.

    Here’s a sneak peek of this exciting festival.

    Must-sees of the Hibiya Festival 2019

    Opening Show

    The Hibiya Festival 2019 will be opened by a special show produced by Amon Miyamoto.

    Some twenty performers, dancing and singing, presents a story of a girl who longs for a life in high society and glamourous balls at the Rokumeikan Hall. The festival’s symbol “Flora” by Kenji Yanobe will be awaken to join the performers.

    【Dates】 26 (Fri) & 27 (Sat)April
    【Place】 Hibiya Step Hiroba
    【Price】 Free (*reservation details on the official website from late March)

    Hibiya Festival 2019
    Hibiya Festival 2019
    Hibiya Festival 2019
    photo (below) © 2018 Kenji Yanobe

    Hibiya Step Show

    Free, short shows of various genres to be showcased in an open-air space.
    【Dates】 26 April (Fri) – 6 May (Mon)
    【Place】 Hibiya Step Hiroba
    【Price】 Free

    Editor’s picks of Hibiya Step Show

    ◆ Mini-stage of “Hansel and Gretel”

    A digest of Nissay Opera “Hansel and Gretel” featuring Hiroka Yamashita, Eri Unoki, Kazuhiro Tsunoda and others

    【Date】 28 April (Sun)

    Hibiya Festival 2019
    ニッセイ名作シリーズ2015 オペラ「ヘンゼルとグレーテル」より

    ◆ Let’s Ball! Angel’s ball

    Dance performance on the theme of the Viennese ball with the angels from the opera “Hansel and Gretel”, featuring Uran Hirosaki and REVO side B. You can join the dance with the stage performers!

    【Date】 28 April (Sun)

    Hibiya Festival 2019
    ©︎ Akihiko Yokoi

    ◆ Imperial Theatre “Les Miserables”

    A special show to present “Les Miserables” of the Imperial Theatre.

    【Date】 29 April (Mon)

    Hibiya Festival 2019


    A fantastic performance by “Super Human” group ANDZ with device-assisted ultra-jumps and more.

    【Date】 1 May (Wed)

    Hibiya Festival 2019

    ◆ THE LEGEND “Hibiya Times Opera”

    A show featuring a quintet of opera singers “THE LEGEND” with Shusuke Nishio (piano).

    【Date】 2 May (Thur) *t.b.c.

    Hibiya Festival 2019

    ◆ Aladdin and the Magical Violin

    A classical music concert and story-telling to enjoy with kids, featuring Toru Kaku, Akihisa Koseki, Ena Miyachi and Masanori Kato.

    【Date】4 May (Sat)

    Hibiya Festival 2019

    ◆ Story and Songs presented by Nissay Theatre

    A picture-story show by Oame, the duo of Yuichi Ohata and Miu Sakamoto.

    【Date】 4 May (Sat)

    Hibiya Festival 2019
    おお雨 (おおはた雄一 + 坂本美雨)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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