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    22-29 October 2021
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya



    HIBIYA CINEMA FESTIVAL will soon be back in Tokyo for the year 2021, offering free outdoor movies in the central Tokyo area.

    The festival will be held with measures against the coronavirus.

    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021


    Highlights of the HIBIYA CINEMA FESTIVAL 2021

    ◆ Cinema Park

    A new feature this year, a selection of family-oriented films will be projected on a giant screen outside, with several seats created for parents with children.


    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021

    (C) 2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021


    ◆ Toronto Japanese Film Festival in Hibiya

    The programne offers a selection of Japanese films with English subtitles, which were presented at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival in June 2021.

    Among the featured films are:

    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021

    Hold Me Back
    (Directed by Akiko Ohku/ Starring Non, Kento Hayashi, Asami Usuda and Hairi Katagiri)
    (C) 2020『私をくいとめて』製作委員会


    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021

    The Brightest Roof in the Universe
    (Directed by Michihito Fujii/ Starring Kaya  Kiyohara, Kaori Momoi, Kentaro Ito and Hidetaka Yoshioka)
    (C) 2020「宇宙でいちばんあかるい屋根」製作委員会


    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021

    Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone
    (Directed by Shuichi Okita/ Starring Yuko Tanaka, Yu Aoi, Gaku Hamada, Munetaka Aoki, Kankuro Kudo and Masahiro Higashide)
    (C) 2020 「おらおらでひとりいぐも」製作委員会


    Hibiya Cinema Festival(日比谷シネマフェスティバル)2021

    True Mothers
    (Directed by Naomi Kawase/ Starring Hiromi Nagasaku, Arata Iura and Aju Makita)
    (C) 2020『朝が来る』Film Partners.


    ◆ TIFF 2021

    From the next day 30 October through 8 November, the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival will take place this year in Hibiya as the main venue, also offering free outdoor movies.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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