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Hibiya Cinema Festival 2018


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  • Hibiya Cinema Festival 2018

    12 October – 3 November 2018
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

    *Video screening programme added – see “Family videos on the screen” further below


    An autumn of cinema at Hibiya

    Hibiya Cinema Festival will be held for the first time this fall, in association with the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018, to offer free outdoor entertainment for families, children and friends.


    Get featured as Spider-Man

    Everybody can transform into a Spider-Man, from 12 to 24 October 2018. It’s free and no cosplay needed.

    The event will be held in anticipation of the latest feature of the Spider-Man series, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, scheduled to hit the screen in 2019 in Japan.

    ◆ Spider-Man by Sony’s “3D Creator”

    At the booth to be installed in the basement of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, scan your face with Sony’s state-of-the-art “3D Creator”. It will transform and fit you into a Spider-Man movie trailer, which will be projected on the large screen set up at Hibiya Step Hiroba.

    You can even obtain this original trailer featuring you as Spider-Man by accessing a special Website.

    ◆ Easy-peasy transformation into a Spider-Man

    For a yet easier transformation into this film hero, take a snap of you (or your kid) using an interactive shooting system to be set up at the screen of Hibiya Step Hiroba.

    Spider-Man on your plate


    TIFF Hibiya Venue: special programmes

    Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of Asia’s largest and best known international film festivals, held this year from 25 October to 3 November.

    For the 31st edition, Hibiya will be added as a TIFF venue and free movies will be projected on the screen (*to be cancelled or postponed in case of rain).



    ◆Opening of the 31st TIFF

    The opening event at Hibiya will relay the thrill of red carpet events to take place in Roppongi on the same day.

    【date】 25 October (Thu)


    ◆Family videos on the screen

    Tied up with TIFF and the “3 November is Video Day” campaign, selected family videos will be screened, such as: “The Greatest Showman”, “Mickey Mouse! Christmas & Halloween Special” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

    【dates】 26 October (Fri) – 2 November (Fri)

    Free video screening at Hibiya Step Hiroba (open-air space)

    *to be cancelled or postponed in case of rain
    *possible programme changes: consult TIFF official website for the precise programmes

    25 Oct Thurs 3 pm~

    7:10 (7:30) pm

    TIFF Opening Ceremony

    Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

    26 Oct Fri 3:30 (3:50) pm

    4:30 (4:50) pm

    The Last Word

    Spider-Man: Homecoming

    27 Oct Sat 11 (11:20) am

    1 (1:20) pm

    4:30 (4:50) pm

    Mickey Mouse: Merry and Scary

    Ocean’s Eleven

    Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

    28 Oct Sun 0:30 pm

    2 pm

    3:30 (3:50) pm

    6 (6:20) pm

    Bonsai Exercise

    Bonsai Exercise

    Peter Rabbit

    One Piece Film: Gold

    29 Oct Mon 3 pm*

    6:30 (6:50 pm)

    Spider-man [*rain date]

    Gamera 2: Assault of the Legion

    30 Oct Tue 3 pm*

    6:30 (6:50) pm

    Ocean’s Eleven [*rain date]

    Mamma Mia!

    31 Oct Wed 3 pm*

    6:30 (6:50) pm

    Mission: Impossible [*rain date]

    The Greatest Showman

    1 Nov Thurs 3 pm*

    6:30 (6:50) pm

    The Greatest Showman [*rain date]

    Solo: A Star War’s Story

    2 Nov


    Fri 0 (0:20) pm

    3 (3:20) pm

    6:30 (6:50) pm

    Little Miss Sunshine

    (500) Days of Summer

    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    3 Nov


    Sat Godzilla Fest 2018


    ◆ Godzilla Fest 2018

    The first Hibiya Cinema Festival will be concluded by “Godzilla Fest 2018”, a popular festival featuring the giant monster hero.

    The Fest will take place at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya on 3 November (Culture Day in Japan), accompanied by food stalls highlighting the Godzilla movie(s) (to be cancelled or postponed in case of rain).

    【date】 3 November (Sat)


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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