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Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary


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  • Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary

    12 January – 31 December 2019
    Sanrio Puroland

    Hello Kitty, one of Japan’s most popular characters, will celebrate her 45th anniversary this year since her debut in 1974.

    Sanrio Puroland, a theme park featuring Sanrio’s characters, located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, will hold a series of celebratory events throughout 2019.


    An anniversary food menu available at the park

    What not to miss of “Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary”

    ◆ Hello Kitty’s anniversary robe

    For the celebration, Hello Kitty will don a robe newly designed for the occasion, in pink and lavender shades, decorated with roses and a frill of flower petals.

    It is only at Puroland’s “Lady Kitty House” that you can meet her in this special robe.


    ◆ Greetings offered by Kitty and Mimmy

    At Lady Kitty House, Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy will show up together in the same anniversary robe in different shades of colour.

    They will offer greetings in the morning, only for a limited period from 12 January through 12 March. A not to miss opportunity to take snapshots with the very Instagrammable sisters!

    Lady Kitty House in anniversary decor

    ◆ Cute, colourful and flowery

    Throughout the anniversary year, Lady Kitty House will be decorated in soft lavender shades, highlighted with pink flowers.

    The “Strawberry Coach” (ichigo-no-basha) at the entrance will be adorned with gift boxes received for the anniversary celebration. Great for photos.


    ◆ Selfie spot on the Tower Balcony

    The Tower Balcony will have a photo spot with a decorative object in the shape of Hello Kitty’s signature bow.

    Visitors of the House will be handed flower petals, which they can, in turn, place there to add up to complete the flowery bow.


    Come play with Hello Kitty (“Hello Kitty to asobo!”)

    Lady Kitty House will hold special events in the morning for visitors to play with Hello Kitty in the anniversary robe.

    The events will be reserved for a limited number of primary school students and younger children.

    【dates】 12 January – 31 December 2019 (except for certain days)
    【time】At 30 minutes past the park’s opening hour (for 15 minutes)
    【place】 Lady Kitty House (on the second floor)


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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